Capricorns love horoscope for tomorrow

Capricorn with... TOMORROW

If you're looking for someone serious to settle down with then you would be advised to tone it down a bit in order to avoid giving off the wrong impression. You don't have to act like a saint but at least dress like one!

The Moon is pushing you into action and reminding you not to sit on your laurels. There's no stopping you!

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If you're currently searching for work then your parents could help you to get a foot in the door with one of their friends or acquaintances. Your father in particular is well-connected and could easily help to open some doors for you.

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But she, for her part, must be loved and desired. That is why she is so distant and cautious at first; she tries to assess the possibilities and risks before she turns herself in.

Capricorn Love Horoscope - Capricorn Daily Love Horoscope Today

Unfortunately, when she has lowered the visor in front of her feelings, she doesn't always know when to open it. But the man who really won her and proves himself worthy of her affection will find a passionate partner, a woman who does everything for her lover.

But be careful, because the Capricorn woman is also calculating. She will try to control the man and use him to her advantage. Weak men are often attracted to the Capricorn woman.