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Hates mediocrity and incompetence.

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In many life situations, the Moon in Aquarius people have their own, distinct and sometimes very original opinion, and they are not going to change this opinion no matter what, even if they will be left completely alone. It is very important for these individuals to retain their independence. They don't want their personal life to be anybody else's concern. Often the Moon in Aquarius individuals have some outstanding abilities in one or another field, and they work like a magnet for those people who share their interests. This is why so often they take a central place in the company of like-minded friends.

And even there they somehow manage to keep their uniqueness.

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They are not mixing well with the other people, they are together with them, but still alone. Gifts for Aquarius.


As a result of their character, quite often the Moon in Aquarius folks can become really alone in their personal life, and their constant urge for independence can lead to chronic emotionall stress. Hence their susceptibility to the disorders of nervous and circulatory systems, as also those unpredictable changes in their mood.

There is an impression that at times they are getting tired of themselves, and to get rid of this tiredness they are trying to change abruptly, as if to become a different person. To restore after a significant stress, the Moon in Aquarius persons need to have a hobby which they could plunge themselves into, forgetting about the surrounding world. It would be really good for them if they could speak out their problems, but this is not so easy, because Lunar Aquarians do not like to just chat with anyone about anything.

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They prefer dealing with experts in their field of interest - this is with whom they are ready to talk endlessly. And if there is no such a person around, a good book could serve as a replacement for a friend. A beautiful t-shirt for Moon in Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius parents can be very original. From the early years they will make clear to their child that everyone's individuality is precious, and everyone should be independent.

As a result, their kids might not be always properly fed or dressed, but they will become self-reliant earlier than their peers, and their talents will develop more successfully. The hotel parking spaces can be used free of charge subject to availability. Therefore, it is easy to reach the numerous sights via public transport. The grounds of Cannstatter Wasen and Wilhelma are about 15 minutes away on foot. Facilities: Book one of the rooms and enjoy your stay in our modern equipped single, double and family rooms for up to four persons.

All rooms are equipped with a tiled bathroom with shower, hairdryer and toilet, as well as a desk, a wardrobe and an LCD TV. The elevator allows you a comfortable way to your room, even with a lot of luggage. There is also free Wi-Fi and free wired internet. Snack machines, cold and hot drinks machines are available hours for the small hunger and thirst in between. Parking Note: Parking is available directly at the hotel for our guests subject to availability. Please note that parking is chargeable and access is via a barrier.

The reservation of a parking space as well as the receipt of the access code are only possible during our opening hours at the reception. Location: From the main train station to the hotel it takes just ten minutes with public transportation.


The state theatre is about 11 minutes away. Going to the International Trade-Expo grounds?

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It is circa 17 minutes away. And it takes only about 10 minutes from the hotel to the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

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Up to four hotel guests could occupy the family rooms. The hotel rooms are equipped with a television and air-conditioning. Each room has a bathroom which is colourfully decorated with tiles. The bathrooms all have a shower, WC, a hairdryer and a washbasin. We have also installed sound-isolation windows in all rooms to ensure a quiet and relaxing night. The vending machines within the hotel facilities offer guests snacks and beverages. No need to leave your pet dog behind at home. Just for a nominal fee, you can check-in with your dog as well.

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There you can explore a lot of sights like the castle, the Mercedes-Benz-Museum or the television tower. Interior: Besides the single and double rooms, the hotel also offers family rooms with space for up to four people. Check into one of the rooms, listen Despite the direct proximity to Stuttgart International Airport, sound-proofed windows ensure a quiet night.

And there's more: the colourful atmosphere of the rooms will refresh you in the same way as the generously sized shower in the tiled bathroom. You can also look forward to a comfortable bed and air conditioning in the room and a hairdryer in the bathroom.

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Free extras: First, park your car in the free car park depending on the availability. Additionally the vending machines in the lobby offer you snacks and beverages. You'll notice reasonable prices and comfort are not ruled out by an easily accessible location! The tram station Stuttgart-Neuwirtshaus Porscheplatz is only meters away.

In 5 minutes you can be on the A81 by car. Facilities: Make yourself comfortable in one of our modern and cozy rooms. Whether you travel alone, as a couple or with your family, you can count on our comfortable single, double and family rooms with up to four beds. Thanks to soundproofed windows, the rooms are very quiet and air conditioning ensures your individual well-being temperature. The tiled bathroom with a toilet, a shower, and a hair dryer is connected to your room.

here You can easily access your room with your luggage by elevator. Parking: You do not like searching for a parking space in foreign cities? Please note that parking is chargeable during the week and access is a via barrier.

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  • The reservation of a parking space as well as the receipt of the access code or the parking card are only possible during our opening hours at the reception. Additional services: There are hour cold and warm drinks, as well as snacks and sweets in our vending machines. Feel like an astronaut and explore the night sky! In the Carl-Zeiss-Planetarium Stuttgart you have the chance to do so. Thanks to latest technologies can a starry sky be shown as brilliant as usually only astronauts get to see it. You can also admire constellations, distant planets and the Earth from above. Come on a journey through our solar system!