Marjorie orr cancer daily horoscope

Marjorie orr cancer daily horoscope

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Bored in Bed? Reboot Your Sex Life. You've been in your current relationship for a while, and the buzz is clearly wearing off. How do you jump-start your sexual desire and bring back the heat between the two of you? Check below for your Sun sign -- and that of your partner -- for hints on how to re-ignite the passion that first brought the two of you together.

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Aries needs adventure, romance and fantasies of knights on white horses to make the fireworks flare. Cast aside your furry slippers and flannel nightgowns, and instead get dressed up for the occasion. And if you need to, turn it into a game of cat-and-mouse.

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Taurus adores hugs, cuddles and closeness all the time, so don't restrict yourself to just after-hours clinches; making an effort to be more sensual will definitely help. This means silk or satin lingerie, perfumed baths for two and even cooking together. Taurus simply enjoys being spoiled.

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Gemini can either be rather bookish or a wild child. These disparate traits could come together usefully if you find a good book offering hints on how to add variety to your sex life. Gemini absolutely cannot stand being bored, so they need constant change and excitement in their relationships. Cancer can find themselves led astray by domestic and work interests. They need to give themselves a sexy nudge every so often -- otherwise, their mate just becomes one of the family instead of the significant other in a love duo. Cancer needs to feel special to just one person if they're serious about keeping their love's early flame alight.

Leo needs to feel adored and admired before they'll really shine sexually. If lovemaking has become too routine, they'll shut down. They also like to have the full spotlight on them, and they'll eat up endless compliments. If you're the Leo in the relationship, ask for flowers and a luxurious meal out. Make the bedroom glamorous to create an atmosphere that's just right. If they're not careful, Virgo can succumb to their bad habit of hiding in their own head.

They need to focus on their body, treating it daily to lotions and bubble baths while wearing soft-textured clothes and sexy underwear. If so, they'll glide into bed in the mood for fun. Libra likes to keep the mood light and the ambiance tasteful; heavy emotional intensity makes them anxious, and poor personal hygiene drives them nuts.

They want to feel swept away on a wave of harmony and bliss. Scorpio rarely lets their sex life deteriorate, since it's a major focus of their existence. They need very little advice on how to keep their sex drive going full-throttle. But if their lover isn't a fellow Scorpio, they may have their work cut out for them to maintain their patience!

Sagittarius enjoys a laugh and a good emotional connection with their lover. A fairly energetic romp in bed is important, as they don't do well with boredom or predictability.

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And while they aren't too fashion-conscious, Sag does like a visual thrill -- so keep those sexy outfits handy! Capricorn often becomes too preoccupied with work and practical matters before they switch off entirely. They need to return to their earthy roots, indulgently awakening their bodies to get themselves in the mood.

Aquarius drifts away from intimacy all too easily, so they need to make the effort to remain grounded. They're the great theoretical experts of sex Finally, Pisces requires a seductive atmosphere before they'll feel their pulse begin to race.

Candlelit dinners are in order, soft music and all. They love to dance, so a slow build-up will certainly do the trick. Sponsored Link. Top 5 Love Readings. Top 5 Tarot Readings. Astrology on the go. The Sun Signs. The Planets. The Houses. The Elements. The Qualities.

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    The tragi-comic pantomime mid Brexit of the Tory leadership election has thrown up colourful, criminal misdemeanours on the drug-taking front and now an unseemly spat between a breakfast television presenter and one of the contestants who was once was a sofa colleague. There are whispers of professional jealousy. Lorraine Kelly, 30 November The relationship chart has a power-struggling composite Mars square Pluto and a suspicious composite Sun Neptune square Saturn. Not well designed to be best mates, for sure.

    Though tr Pluto square her Solar Arc Jupiter will give her the confidence to keep pushing. Hong Kong demonstrators against the new deeply unpopular extradition law to mainland China have given Chief Executive Carrie Lam her greatest crisis so far. Many hundreds of thousands were out on the streets demanding the amendment be withdrawn with violence breaking out as the police respond. The government is still backing the bill and although now delayed it is expected to pass on June 20 th.

    She was sworn in on 1 July at 9am and since then has had several run-ins with pro-democracy activists. Her Term chart has an argumentative Sun, Mars, Mercury in a ruthless opposition to Pluto square Jupiter — so was always going to bring rolling and high-risk situations. Tr Saturn is at the moment exactly in a bad-tempered opposition to the Solar Arc Mars, moving back soon to a blocked conjunction to the Term Pluto — and repeating on those influences off and on into — with the Eclipses also rattling it up this year. With the 8 degree Cancer Sun being zapped by the Eclipses this year, especially the up and coming July one.

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    False hopes and overly high expectations will be dashed in , financially as well as politically, as the Solar Arc Neptune is conjunct the Jupiter; with more ructions come as the Solar Arc Mars is square the Uranus with tr Pluto in hard aspect to both as well which is a considerable whammy of disruptive and violent influences so that will be a key make-or- break point.