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Mars aspects fourth and eighth sign from its occupied sign at given time.

Jupiter aspects Fifth and the Ninth sign from where it is positioned. Saturn aspects Third and Tenth sign from where it is placed.

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These are beside regular aspect of the seventh sign. There are in all twelve signs. These signs relate to four elements viz. An air sign, Water signs, Fire signs and Earth signs. Here, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Air signs. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are Water signs.

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are Earth signs. Gemini and Virgo are ruled by crafty, intelligent Mercury. Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by wise, growth, expansion-oriented, cohesive force Jupiter. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by wily hard taskmaster Saturn. Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Aggressive Mars.

Taurus and Libra are ruled by dear lovable Venus. Sun rules Leo and Cancer are ruled by Moon. PavitraJyotish is the trusted platform for availing dependable astrological solutions that encompass remedial measures for problems caused by unfavorable Planetary Transit in your kundali.

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Gemstones and yantra are offered under the remedial measures based on the nature of your problems as per our astrological study of your horoscope. Go for our yearly horoscope plan that will give you a glimpse of what needs to be done so that all the yearly activities of yours do not get hindered by bad planetary influences.

Our free horoscope prediction is a gateway to knowing your tomorrow so that you can plan out your activities like business or domestic well. Or anything that gets the philosophical engines in your mind firing. In so many ways, was a birth year for you. This birth may have manifested itself as an ending and a subsequent new beginning. You may have ended a job or position, or a relationship, and for a while this brought your spirits down as if all possibility were lost forever.


But most likely, Gemini , you began something in that will engender a creative masterpiece and the work of it will continue into the new year. This would be a good thing for anyone obviously, but it is especially good for you.

2019 Yearly Horoscopes

For the past few years, you have been feeling at a standstill creatively and this new burst of spring vibes, even in the ongoing dead of winter, will be welcomed by you. In addition to all of this newness, the theme of will be about sharing. Sharing is a new thing for you. Of course, you are very generous by nature. But will make you consider how generosity is both like and dissimilar to sharing.

How very different it is to let another person take something that is deeply felt in your possession versus giving something that actually means very little to you. This is a hard feeling for you to even think about, as you can be quite possessive once you feel something is actually yours. A year from today, you will feel happiness, be giving and free.

Trust people in A few very strange angels will help you this year when you least expect it. Let your trust in people make these transitions easier. Toward the end of you will begin to see things very clearly and as a result your relationships with others will deepen. Time is long. Light takes a long time to travel back to us.

Twenty seventeen brought some big changes for you, especially in terms of career. What you worked and fretted over for years finally came to fruition and this produced an enormous pay-off. Twenty eighteen will have a similar energy, in that you will still see rewards of your accomplishments coming your way. This year will have an even more grounded force to these manifestations of your success, as they will not just be trinkets to show off, but foundations which will continue to grow as the next years come toward you.

One thing to master in is to learn how sometimes it is best to hold your tongue, in order to get what you really want. Once the curtains are down and the scene is over, you can be quite ferocious in demanding what you want and deserve. This is a wonderful thing, as you are a fierce advocate for yourself and others. This is important because will bring you many good things, but it will also bring opportunities for mishearing things. So, this new year, when in doubt, take a moment to assess and re-see—we promise this will bring you boundless luck.

The energy you need to bring with you into is that of surprise and experiment. Two things that are hard for you to handle. Two things that you could have used more of in There will be opportunities for you to radically change your life and live closer to your dream this year. Or the dream of being with that one person you still think about, coming toward you as a new person but asking you to battle the same demons of the past. We know that. But steady is not what is about. This coming year will reward surprise. Do something different. The same road leads to the same things.

12222 Yearly Horoscope – Love, Money & Career

This past year was hard for you in many ways, as you had to come to terms with old patterns of living that needed to be changed in order for you to move forward with your life. Could sweet stability be in the stars in ?

Aries: Pack your bags

Will that echo down below? This could herald a calm period, but people may be passive during a time when what the world really needs is action. Representing the steadying earth element, Uranus will move into grounded Taurus , while stern Saturn and powermonger Pluto are both in Capricorn.

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The other two outer planets are in emotional water signs: expansive Jupiter spends most of in Scorpio while foggy Neptune is in ethereal Pisces all year. Effusive Jupiter will be in its native Sagittarius from November 8, until December 2, ; staunch Saturn is anchored in Capricorn until December and watery Neptune is in Pisces until In , the little things matter—a lot! Big-picture Jupiter will be in micro-focused Scorpio until November 8, training our attention on the details.

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  • When Jupiter returns home to Sagittarius on November 8, international issues will take the spotlight. Travel, publishing and multicultural relationships will also be hot-button topics. Moving from Scorpio to Sagittarius is like changing your viewfinder from detail-focus to wide-angle. Get ready—the economy is going to go through some serious reforms in Several of the outer planets will travel through signs related to finance, power, corporations and shared resources, shifting the way business is conducted in some fundamental ways.

    Structured Saturn and shadowy Pluto will both spend the year in patriarchal Capricorn , ruler of big business, banks, the government and hierarchy. Saturn is here until December , while transformational Pluto is touring Capricorn from to As these planetary power players inch along in the same sign, we may see a rise in monopolies but also a crackdown on scandals. This year may also bring leaner times and corporate cutbacks. However, old-school Saturn in hardworking Capricorn could revive a bootstrapping work ethic.

    Meanwhile, generous Jupiter hovers in Scorpio, the sign of joint ventures, mergers and pooled resources, until November. The sharing economy may boom, possibly out of necessity, as people look for creative ways to consolidate and cut costs. Real estate and lending is ruled by Scorpio. Unpredictable Uranus will shake up business as usual, revamping the way we spend, earn, save and invest.

    Economic reform could be in the stars as revolutionary Uranus enters Taurus, the sign of money and daily work, for the first time since !